Maximum 5 children per group - Allround support from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Kids ski cours

Small groups (maximum of five children) bring forth the best learning results.

Everything is included in the price except the midday meal (approx. €25.00)

3-5 children per ski instructor.

The way from a beginner to a young Skistar we packed for the kids in a "Snow Mission".

Once a week we organize a ski race. Each child receives a prize by Yogi our ski school mascot.

six exciting missions have to be mastered

Mission 1:
beginner, straight ahead and braking plow

Mission 2:
snow plow - learn and improve

Mission 3:
parallel skiing - learn and consolidate

Mission 4:
adventur Tour - explore the skiarea and perfect the skiing technique

Mission 5:
funpark, moguls and racing

Mission 6:
Freeride - skiing in deep snow


Kiddy Snow Team: max. 5 Children, age: 5-12 years
3 days € 590,-/child
4 days € 680,-/child
5 days € 770,-/child
6 days € 860,-/child
7 days € 950,-/child

each extra day € 135,-

until 2 weeks before the Cours starts. 

Minimum 3 days booking required

Cours hours:
10.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m. 

Budget apr. € 25,- per lunch. 

possible throughout the winter. 

Which Mission does your child want to join?

In "Mission 6" the children are equipped with appropriate safety equipment for the terrain. 

Costs 30 € per day

Ski rental for children and adults at Sport Strolzin Lech.

Register to the Kiddy Snow Team 

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