Pure action - driven by the water.

Hydro Speed

Hydrospeed is a white water sport, with the upper body lying on a special float-like floating body lying down wild water streams with the current down.

We are happy to organize "Hydrospeed Tours" in and around Lech.

Family Tour

Duration: 1,5 hours in the water, with preparations, instruction and car drive 4 hours

Price: € 120, - per Person, 4-7 participants per Guide, minimum age: 12

Date: by appointment (Best time: July - Sept)


You have to bring: Swimsuit, towel, and a second pair of outdoor shoes which can get wet.

Special equipment such as helmet, life jacket and knee protector as well as a neoprene suit are available to the participants.

Date by arrangement

Your direct contact

At HydroSpeed, safety comes first. The difficulty and seriousness of the tours depends very much on the water level. The guide checks the water level before the tour and decides accordingly for the sake of your safety.
If the hydrospeed water and weather conditions are not possible, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. Alternatively, a canyoning tour is also available.

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