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Freeride Bike Trail

The freeride- and endurotrail in the Burgwald in Oberlech allows easy to difficult tours from Oberlech to Lech. Steep curves, jumps and obstacles can be found on the trail. 488 meters of heights and 4.1km of track-to-bike fun await the visitor.

Freeride Mountainbike Trail

Every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm you will be supervised by our Freeride Guide (July / August).

He will explore the trail with you and will help you with tips and tricks.

Price: € 100, - for one person + € 20, - for each additional person.

(Excl. Bike, safety equipment and lift ticket)

From 14 years, 2 hours, min. 4TN - max. 7 TN

If you do not have any equipment, you can borrow everything from the bike to the helmet at Sport Strolz or at Sportalp.

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