Binding registration for tours and courses.

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Binding registration for tours and courses of Arlberg Alpin Alpin- & Skischule GmbH.

  1. Please fill out this registration form for every person individually, and send the data via the "submit registration" button at the end of the form.
  2. Personal data
    1. Personal data
  3. Course/tour data
    1. Course/tour data
    2. or
    3. The missions are build on each other, but can be booked separately. Please classify the skills of your child realistically. We reserve the right to correct the suggestion if necessary.
  4. Experience
    1. Experience (only for adults)
  5. Your Hotel
    1. Your Hotel
  6. Equipment rental
    1. Equipment rental
    2. Available:
      - Freeride skis with/without climbing skin
      - Avalanche transceiver
      - Collapsible probe
      - Shovel
      - ABS-Backpack
      - Helmet
  7. Annotation
    1. Annotation
  8. general terms and conditions
    1. General terms and conditions
    2. General terms and conditions of der Arlberg Alpin Alpin- & Skischule GmbH.

      In case of mediated contracts:
      We provide exclusively licensed mountain and ski guides, as well as certified ski instructors and ski guides which work on their own account. The contractual relationship is between the customer and the ski guide ( licensed mountain and ski guide, or certified ski instructor and ski guide) A liability on the part of Arlberg Alpin Alpin- & Skischule GmbH is excluded.

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